Recording Artist & Producer

LoKi Ace

LoKi Ace is a recording artist and producer from Miami, Florida born with a fiery passion for music and entertainment. 

The acclaimed artist’s journey began over two decades ago, with LoKi Ace flitting between the underground music scene in Atlanta and Miami, where he drew inspiration and confidence from the rise of LaFace Records and So So Def. 

At the same time, Ludacris was starting to make his name as a disc jockey in the local music scene, further inspiring LoKi Ace to go down a similar path in the entertainment industry. 

At just three-years-old, the musician lost his father to gun violence. It wasn’t an easy life living in the city but riding around town with his uncle or older brother listening to some New York’s finest such as The Fat Boys and Beastie Boys helped LoKi Ace fulfill his passion for music. 

At nine, the aspiring musician was handed a VHS tape of Yo! MTV Raps by his older sister. 

The tape revealed what he already knew inside - that he had a deep and profound passion for music. LoKi Ace instantly fell in love with the likes of RUN DMC and Rakim. In fact, the love of music runs in LoKi Ace’s family. 

As a young adult, his mother used to play the Bee Gees nonstop, so much so that she named LoKi Ace after the disco king’s youngest sibling, Andy Gibbs. 

You could say then that LoKi Ace becoming a recording artist is simply destiny in the making. LoKi Ace’s love of music from all different genres set him down a path that saw him perform at middle school talent shows and dedicate his whole life to music and film, so much so that he set up his own entertainment label. 

The recording artist started Underite Entertainment and began signing local talent while they were still in high school, helping them get a head start on artist development and nurture them into becoming the next big superstar. 

A jack of all trades, LoKi Ace also began to shoot music videos and landed a gig with Derek Big D Baker, a producer assigned by Warner Brother Records, who was credited for discovering Pretty Ricky in the early 21st century. From there, LoKi Ace would work with Derek Big D Baker on one of his musical projects, 4th And Ocean, while simultaneously learning the ins-and-outs of the music industry and developing a network that saw him bump into Lil Wayne, Juvenile and super-producer Scott Storch, as well as Kelly Rowland and Fabulous. 

While his catalogue can be characterised as a fresh take to an oversaturated genre, the Miami-based musician knows how to have a good time and is destined to turn some heads with a selection of upbeat club songs, offering a unique take to the local hip-hop and RnB scene. Meanwhile, his exposure to the wider world of music saw him draw influence from Tupac, Ice Cube and Haitian-American hip-hop group, Fugees. 

However, his primary source of inspiration came from the Miami scene and watching and learning from 2 Live Crew, Trick Daddy and most recently, Rick Ross

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